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Event date | Apr 01, 2017

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It is unlikely that a decsion will be made before Spring 2017.  It has been called in by the Secretary of State for Transport, and may well be decided by the Prime Minister herself





-Secretary of State for Transport-ltr-16-9-16

TCS-to-Mike Brown, Transport Commissioner TfL-19-8-16

TCS to Val Shawcross  tcs-to-shawcross-26-7-16

TCS to Chairman of GLA Transport Committee  tcs-to-pidgeon-23-7-16


Questions to the Mayor about Crossrail2

Meeting: Mayor’s Question Time
Date: Wednesday, 14 September 2016
Reference: Question 2016/2966

Caroline Pidgeon (Chair of the Transport Committee)

Q  With the Chelsea Society highlighting that a petition opposing a Crossrail station on the Kings Road has received over 10,000 signatures, with 80 of them from small local businesses, and with Hammersmith and Fulham Council now actively campaigning for a Crossrail Station to be located at Imperial Wharf, what assurances can TfL give that is has so far carefully considered the views of both these organisations and will continue to do so in future?

A. TfL has considered the views put forward following the consultation last year and has responded to many of the issues that were raised.  TfL meets regularly with a range of organisations including the local authorities to ensure their views are considered as the scheme is developed. TfL will continue its programme of stakeholder engagement, including further public consultations as the scheme develops.


Correspondence with MP



Around 4900 people from the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea responded to the Autumn 2015 Crossrail 2 consultation.

86% of respondents to the consultation expressed concerns and raised issues about a Kings Road station and only 11% supported it.

On 7th July 2016 TfL published its response to the Autumn 2015 Consultation at https://consultations.tfl.gov.uk/crossrail2/october2015/user_uploads/rtir.pdf

The Kings Road is considered in paragraph 11.2, and it seems clear that TfL remain in favour of a station there.  However, the point is made that at several locations – one of which is King’s Road Chelsea – more work needs to be done by TfL to work through the issues that have been raised by the Consultation. Plans for these areas will be published ahead of further public consultation in the Autumn of 2016.

The alternative locations for Chelsea (Imperial Wharf/World’s End) are considered in paras 5.1.8 and 5.1.9. Those two alternatives are rejected by TfL and are not supported by The Chelsea Society.

The Council of the Society  considered this latest response from TfL at their meeting on 25th July 2016, and  remain committed to opposing Crossrail 2 in Chelsea. The Society had been consulting on this issue for most of 2015 before responding as above to the Consultation, and members of the Council met with TfL, with the Borough Council, with “No to Crossrail in Chelsea”, with the Cremorne Residents’ Association and with others.  We also held a series of discussion groups with local people, and we held a public meeting attended by more than 200 people on 2nd November 2015. In the view of the Society the consultation has already revealed that local people are overwhelmingly against Crossrail in Chelsea and the Society has given its detailed reasons as above on why no station should be built.

There will be a further round of consultation in the autumn of 2016– but in our view, no further consultation is required, and this proposal should  be deleted from the plans now.  Crossrail2 should run direct from Clapham Junction to Victoria.

For the latest information from TfL on Crossrail 2, see www.crossrail2.co.uk or follow @Crossrail2 on Twitter.

For the Chelsea society’s position on Crossrail2 click here




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