On 15th November the Deputy Leader of the Council, Cllr. Will Pascall, held a meeting with the Chairman of the Society, James Thompson, the Planning Committee Chairman, Michael Stephen, and the member of the Planning Committee for Royal Hospital Ward, Chris Lenon, to discuss the enforcement of obligations relating to building works and also to the use of the highways and the public realm. The meeting was attended by senior officials of RBKC.
The Chelsea Society considers that the public expect to see prompt enforcement if incidents occur at any time of day or night and on any day of the week, including Sundays and Bank Holidays.
Issues discussed included:
• The use of information technology to receive information from the public via voice, text, photos and videos from mobile phones, and to enable the public to track progress on their complaint.
• The use of photos and videos from mobile phones so that enforcement officers could receive visual information and contact site managers immediately by phone in the first instance instead of having to spend time travelling to and from the site.
• Ensuring that there is always a responsible person on site able to speak English and that enforcement officers have their mobile phone numbers
• Ensuring that a parking bay is reserved for vehicles delivering or collecting scaffolding or other items which would cause the vehicle to obstruct the highway for more than a few minutes.
• Enforcing the law against waiting on double yellow lines, especially in the Kings Road
• Enforcing the law against stationary vehicles with their engine running
• Stationing one, or possibly two, enforcement officers in Chelsea to deal with the four Chelsea Wards
• Ensuring efficient liaison with the police so that enforcement would not be delayed by looking for someone with the necessary powers to deal with violations.
• Finding ways in which the cost of enforcement could be met from penalty charges, s. 106 Agreements, and deposits from developers.
It was agreed that a pilot project would be commenced as soon as the necessary information-technology was in place. The Chelsea Society is willing to test the system from the point of view of the public before it goes live.

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