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The Royal Hospital
Published | 07/06/2024

The Chelsea Society was represented by its Chairman and Vice-chairman at the Founder’s Day parade at the Royal Hospital on 6th June 2024.  The ...

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Skyscraper proposal
Published | 03/06/2024

There is a proposal to build a 34-storey skyscraper at the south end of Battersea Bridge. This is what it would look like (with ...

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Sloane Sq
Published | 31/05/2024

The Society has been consulted by Cadogan and RBKC about the possible widening of pavements around the Square. Easing pedestrian congestion would be a ...

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Statue of Oscar Wilde
Published | 02/05/2024

Here is the bronze sculpture of Oscar Wilde by Sir Eduardo Paolozzi, which the church have allowed to be sited on Dovehouse Green, subject ...

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Ian Henderson B.E.M.
Published | 16/04/2024

Ian is a member of the Council of The Chelsea Society, and a former RBKC Councillor

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Mayor of Chelsea dies on Titanic
Published | 15/04/2024

On this day in April 1912 Christopher Head, Mayor of Chelsea 1909-1911, died in the sinking of the Titanic. He boarded the Titanic at ...

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The Houseboats
Published | 28/02/2024

Chelsea Reach is an important part of Chelsea’s character and heritage. The Chelsea Society has therefore been working for more than two years with ...

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Benches neglected
Published | 25/01/2024

The benches on the Embankment are an important part of Chelsea’s riverside heritage but they are in an appalling state. If woodwork exposed to ...

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History of Chelsea
Published | 05/01/2024

One of our members, Simon de Maré, has written some very interesting notes on the streets, squares, and buildings in Chelsea.

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Published | 14/12/2023

We were informed on 13th December 2023 that the Planning inspector had allowed the developer’s appeal, and overturned the refusal by RBKC of all ...

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