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Curzon Cinema
Published | 21 February 2020

The Chairman of the Society’s Planning Committee, and the members of the Committee for Stanley Ward (L) and Royal Hospital Ward (R) visited the ...

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Mallord Street, Chelsea
Published | 9 February 2020

The Sloane-Stanley Estate, who own the freehold of the old telephone exchange, invited the Chairman of the Society’s Planning Committee, and the Committee member ...

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Peter Jones
Published | 6 February 2020

The Chairman of the Society’s Planning Committee and several members of the Society attended a briefing on 6th February on plans for the external ...

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The Queen’s Head, Tryon Street
Published | 1 February 2020

UPDATE: The member of the Society’s Planning Committee for Royal Hospital Ward (Jules Turner) visited the Queen’s Head pub  on 29th January 2020 to ...

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Thames Conservation Area Appraisal
Published | 1 February 2020

After continuous pressure, from The Chelsea Society, the Cheyne Walk Trust, Martyn Baker, and others, a Key Decision has been made by the RBKC ...

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Chelsea Forum
Published | 30 January 2020

  RBKC are holding the first meeting of the Chelsea Forum for residents of Chelsea Riverside, Royal Hospital and Stanley wards to discuss and ...

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Published | 18 January 2020

The Chairman of the Society, together with the Chairman of the Planning Committee and two members of the Committee have met with the Proposers ...

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Published | 14 January 2020

The gas men are putting a robot inside the gas main in Sloane Street to seal the joints.  Better than digging up the whole ...

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Mayor’s Carol Service
Published | 14 December 2019

  The Chelsea Society was represented by its Chairman and Vice-chairman at the Mayor’s carol service at St. Mary Abbott’s on 12th December 2019, ...

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Where is the replacement for Thamesbrook?
Published | 20 November 2019

Thamesbrook closed more than 4 years ago and the site has been sold for redevelopment which is now in progress. We are however concerned ...

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