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Event date | Nov 13, 2023

TAKE NOTICE that                                          


will be held at 6 pm on MONDAY 13th  NOVEMBER 2023



  1. WELCOME of Members and official guests and address by the President


  1. MINUTES of the last Annual General Meeting held on Monday,14th November 2022 (Published on pages 10-21 of the Society’s Annual Report for the year 2022).


  1. ELECTIONS to the Council of the Society:
  • The following members of Council retire by rotation and offer themselves for re-election: Michael Bach and Jules Turner
  • Marina Murray has been a co-opted member of Council and offers herself for election.


  • CHAIRMAN’S REPORT for the year ending 13th November 2023



Mr. Andrew Prynne KC to propose, and Col. David Waddell to second, the Motion that: “The Chelsea Society, being concerned that planning powers were not being exercised to protect the amenity of Chelsea’s Riverside;

  • congratulates the Leader of the Council of RBKC for calling a meeting at which King’s Counsel were able to clarify that RBKC has legal power to control the size and appearance of boats at Chelsea Reach and Cadogan Pier.
  • calls upon RBKC to take enforcement action without further delay to prevent intensification at Chelsea Reach by replacing the traditional boats with large box-like structures, and to prevent the occupation of Cadogan Pier by boats without planning permission.
  • calls upon RBKC to adopt the Thames Conservation Area Management plan without further delay.”
  1. ADDRESS by invited speakers
  2. ACCOUNTS for the financial year ended 30 June 2023.
  3. Any Other Business by permission of the President.


  1. Admission to the meeting is restricted to paid-up Members of The Chelsea Society, and official guests invited by the Chairman.
  2. Any Member may comment on any matter mentioned in the Report or Accounts, and may raise any matter not mentioned in the Report or Accounts if it is within the Objects of the Society.
  3. A Member may appoint another Member under Rule 8.7 as proxy to attend a General Meeting and to vote on his/her behalf and in his/her name if the Member has given signed notice in writing to reach the Chairman at 30 Paradise Walk, London SW3 4JL at least 7 days before the meeting stating the name of the proxy and stating that the Member has appointed the proxy to attend and vote at the General Meeting.
  4. Each Member is entitled to a single vote at the AGM, and joint members shall each have one vote, but a Member is not entitled to vote if:
  • The name of the Member (or in the case of a firm or company, the name of the person designated under Rule 3.2) has not been on the Register of Members for at least twenty-one days before the General Meeting
  • The subscription for the current year has not been paid.
  • A Proxy has been validly appointed under Rule 8.7

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