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The Chairman of the Society’s Planning Committee was invited by the chairman of the Cheyne Walk Trust to meet representatives of houseboat residents who are concerned that the present owners of the Chelsea Yacht and Boat Company wish to force out the present residents and their boats and replace them with very large and very expensive modern houseboats.


They are also concerned that the same owners wish to force the existing boats off the Cadogan pier and replace them with residential boats.


They have arranged a meeting at RBKC to discuss the matter.  The Chairman of the Society’s Planning Committee attended the meeting on 22nd September, where he advised that the Society’s position is as follows:

The Chelsea Society wishes to preserve the character of this important part of the Chelsea riverside.

Cadogan pier is for river or coastal vessels navigating the river and stopping for a short or medium time in Chelsea.  It is not for permanent residence.

Chelsea Reach has long-established use for houseboats and this should continue.  However, the existing boats should not be replaced with boats which are larger and/or of a design which is not consistent with the existing character of the houseboats at Chelsea Reach.


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