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Cricket Pavilion at Burton Court


The Royal Hospital authorities are consulting on plans to repair or rebuild the cricket pavilion, which has been an attractive feature of Burton Court for many years, and the Chairman of the Chelsea Society’s Planning Committee has attended a meeting at which the architect explained the plans.

It seems that the pavilion is in such a state of disrepair that it will need to be rebuilt.

The pavilion is a traditional English cricket pavilion and the Society would have no objection to rebuilding, provided that the new building retained its character as a traditional English cricket pavilion. These are normally painted white, with a covered verandah and a low white-painted wicket fence at the front.

The Society would have no objection to painting the rear of the building green and to tidying up the small sheds at the rear.

The use of the building is a separate issue. It is presently used only in connection with sporting events at Burton Court, and the Society would be opposed to any widening of the uses to which it might be put – in particular any uses which would cause noise and disturbance to local residents.

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