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Embankment Gardens

We have received a letter from RBKC:

“We are in the initial stages of putting together improvement plans for Chelsea Embankment Gardens, using consultation with the local community as its foundation.
From April 2022 funds will be made available for the improvements, and ahead of this we would like to hear your thoughts on the current space and what you would like to see
Most of the features within the boundary of the open space can be discussed in the scope of works, including benches, trees, planting, paving, footpaths, bins and fencing. We also encourage you to put forward any additions you think would create a better experience for park users.

As a guide, we would like to know your thoughts on the following:
 How people interact with the park
 What you feel could be made better and how
 What could be added, changed or removed to promote the positive use of the space
 How you would like to be involved in the project

The ideas period is the first of a series of participatory exercises and will help set the scope of the project and help determine future involvement activities. Further meetings will be held with the community to review the initial ideas and to determine the final scope of works. What those future meetings look like will be determined by restrictions at the time, but we are looking at different models to ensure this isn’t limited to online participation only and does not exclude those without access to technology.

Following the ideas period, your comments and suggestions will be collated and presented back to the community to start developing the scope of the project. All comments will be made anonymous.

Please send your thoughts and ideas to 

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