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Iconography and Symbolism in Art: Christianity

Event date | Nov 12, 2015

Iconography and Symbolism in Art

Thursday mornings 09.30-10.30

Worlds End Studios, Lots Road, SW10

Discover the deeper meaning hidden in the work of paintings of the past. Learn how to read the secrets of different objects, Gods and Goddesses, forms and colours included on the canvas. Art has served various functional and aesthetic purposes in different cultures and periods. In some eras art has also embodied a symbolic language, mysterious and obscure to many of us now. In this course students explore a wide range of art of diverse kinds, origins and centuries, and they examine the fascinating and complex range of different meanings that some artworks were intended to transmit. This course is designed for students who are interested in Art History and who would like to be able to interpret different paintings. Understanding artistic symbolism can deepen your experience of the visual world and greatly enhance your enjoyment of art.

November 12: Christianity

November 19: Objects

November 26: Forms and colours

December 3: Allegorical paintings


£12 per session.

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