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Le Colombier Restaurant


Le Colombier is a well-established and high-quality restaurant at 145 Dovehouse St. near Chelsea Square, and is popular with local residents.  However, the restaurant is now under threat as the freeholder would have the right to convert it to a shop, or to premises for financial or professional services, and then to convert the upper floors to sell as flats, unless an Article 4 Direction were made by RBKC.

The Dovehouse St. Residents’ Association  applied for an Article 4 Direction, and on 13th October 2016 the Chelsea Society wrote to RBKC to support their application for an Art. 4 Direction. We said that this should be made with immediate effect pursuant to Schedule 3 para. 2.(1) of The Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (England) Order 2015/596 as in our opinion any change of use from restaurant to shop or premises for financial or professional services, would be prejudicial to the proper planning of the area and would constitute a threat to the amenities of the area.

We are pleased that an immediate Art. 4 Direction has been made, which came into force on 7th November 2016.  The Society wrote to RBKC on 27th November to urge that it be confirmed before it expires on 7th May 2017.  However, RBKC have taken legal advice and have decided not to confirm it.

Nevertheless the proprietor is in discussions with his landlord, and it may well be possible for Le Colombier to continue.

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