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MacDonalds Kings Road


MacDonalds have applied for a Certificate of Lawful Development, as they wish to open all night.

The Member of The Chelsea Society’s Planning Committee for Royal Hospital Ward (Chris Lenon) wrote to RBKC on 11th October as follows:

“MacDonalds is situated at the junction of King’s Road and Royal Avenue. As such it is close to the residential properties in those roads and in Wellington Square and Walpole Street and is overlooked by a considerable number of residents. The current opening hours are from 5am to 11pm, but MacDonalds are now applying to open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

We have been in touch with the local Residents’ Association and other local residents in the vicinity of this application. They are very concerned and object to this application very strongly.

Residents are presently undisturbed after 11pm but extended opening hours would lead to noise from customers and an increase in car traffic on the King’s Road and Royal Avenue and also in Wellington Square and Walpole St., at anti-social hours. This will inevitably include slamming of car doors and starting and revving engines.

There is already littering of packaging from MacDonalds, and local residents have had reason to complain to MacDonalds’ staff of their failure to clear it up. Extended opening hours would lead to more littering and more complaints.

There is unlikely to be much local demand for increased opening hours, and the restaurant is likely to attract traffic from a wide area of London.

The Chelsea Society opposes the application.”

On 17th November 2016 the application was withdrawn.

The Society has also written to the Licensing Committee, as all-night trading would require a licence under s1(1) (d) and 136 (1)(a) and Schedule 2 to the Licensing Act 2003.  In the Society’s view it would not be consistent with the Council’s licensing policy.

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