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Permitted Development Rights

The Milner Street Area Residents’ Association (MISARA) has pointed out that Islington, Richmond and Camden have all removed PD rights in Conservation areas.

PD rights have undesirable consequences for attractive street settings in our Conservation Areas. For example, with the exception of listed buildings, you can without planning permission remove an attractive (even original or historic) window facing the street and replace it with a new ugly window provided only that the new window is made of similar materials – there is no requirement for similar style or design.

We agree with MISARA that RBKC should make an Article 4 Direction to remove PD rights in all our Conservation Areas, making such developments subject to planning permission and enabling the Council to refuse applications which fail “to preserve or enhance the character or appearance of the Conservation Area.”

We have written to the Lead Member of RBKC for Planning and the Executive Director of Planning, accordingly.

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