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Sarah Farrugia

The Chelsea Society is very sad to hear of the death of Sarah Farrugia on 16th February 2021 at the Royal Marsden Hospital.  She leaves a husband, and daughter (recently graduated from Edinburgh University) and will be much missed.

The funeral will be on 11th March at 12:15.  Due to COVID restrictions only close family members will attend.  Others may join by internet as follows:

Rather than sending flowers, Sarah was a long time, active supporter of a wonderful charity in London, The Feathers Association, and her husband has suggested donations to them in her memory.  If you would like to do this, the link is:
You can read more about Feathers in that link.

Dr. James Thompson, Chairman of the Society, said “Sarah is very fondly remembered by Council members, for all she had done for the Society and for Chelsea as a whole. Many particularly recall the very large attendance at the Future of Chelsea meeting which she organised, which was one of the biggest which had ever come together to discuss a common strategy for Chelsea, and the impact Sarah made on Chelsea by engendering that debate. I particularly appreciated all the support she gave me when, as the incoming Chairman, I needed frequent help in working out how to use all the communication systems she had pioneered, and how kindly she guided me through those same instructions when I inevitably phoned up again sometime later to be reminded of the steps once again. I also know that, outside the Society, she had worked with other Chelsea organisations, including retailers, to encourage Chelsea-wide approaches to public events. She was always able to engage people to discuss issues, to recruit volunteers to those common projects, and to bring them to fruition.”

Damian Greenish (Chairman of the Society 2012-16) writes “Sarah was first Secretary to and then Vice-Chairman of the Society during my years as Chairman. She gave me fantastic support during those years, as well as in her own right championing Chelsea and supporting the people who make it such a unique place to live and work. She did some wonderful work on the various Exhibitions that we held and was a driving force behind the Society’s community engagement programme, particularly in organising our Future of Chelsea conference.”

Sarah Ingham (Editor of the Annual Report) got to know Sarah when she was recruited by her to the Society’s Council.  She says, “Chelsea and the people who live and work here have lost one of their champions. Sarah Farrugia was always trying to enhance local life, whether connecting people, improving the environment or reminding us of our heritage. Her initiative to commemorate Mary Quant with a purple plaque on the former site of her world-famous boutique in the King’s Road is one of many examples of what Sarah achieved. Self-effacing, softly spoken and so kind, Sarah’s untimely passing is a great loss to all who knew her.”

Michael Bach, former Chelsea Society Newsletter editor added:  “Sarah’s arrival was like a breath of fresh air – she wanted to bring the Society into the twenty-first century. Before she arrived we could barely communicate with our members, let alone the rest of the world other than by post. She commissioned the website, put the Society on social media – Twitter and Instagram – and started the much needed outreach for the Society to appeal to younger Chelsea residents. She assembled a group of younger people to blog and post pictures to appeal to people who were not already members. She realised that the Society needed to polish its image and market itself to a new generation.”

Michael Stephen, Vice-chairman of the Society, said “in my first year as Chairman of the Planning Committee, Sarah was very supportive.  Her knowledge of Chelsea, and of the members of the Society was an invaluable resource. She was always there when needed.  She helped to modernise the Society whilst keeping its essential character and traditions.”

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