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1A Walton St – Refusal of Basement application

The planning application  for a large basement under the old courthouse/old school at 1A Walton Street has been refused.

The member of the Society’s Planning Committee for Brompton-Hans Ward, Sir Paul Lever, had written to RBKC on 8th February 2017, as follows:

“The Chelsea Society urges the Council to reject this application. It would, if granted, be in breach of the Council’s new policy on basement development and would cause a degree of damage and disruption to the lives of local residents which cannot be justified.

It would be in breach of the Council’s basement policy because the owner of the property has already undertaken the construction of a basement there. The relevant arguments are well and persuasively set out in the letter of 3 February from Roger Birtles of Simply Planners. What is now proposed is the addition of a second basement. The Council should not allow its new policy to be circumvented in this way.

Moreover the scale of the construction activity would be intolerable for local residents and would pose a risk to their health and well-being which the Council should not expect them to have to suffer. The scale of activity envisaged by the Construction Traffic Management Plan is enormous. The reality is that no plan can adequately mitigate the disruption caused by lorry movements on this scale. The Council should recognise this as a valid reason for refusing the application. The criterion should not be whether the proposed Traffic Management Plan is the best that can be devised: it should be whether the level of protection which it offers against unreasonable disruption is adequate. There are cases where no Traffic Management Plan can provide such protection and where a development should not therefore be allowed to take place. 1A Walton Street is one of them. ”


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